It’s not all work all the time

so I went for a ride, first to Chazawiska then Homosassa Springs and it was an incredible day!

A little chow for a sea cow on a chilly Sunday morning😊

this was absolutely fascinating
you got to give it to these folks they are definitely hardcore
huddle up boys and girls it’s a bit chilly
80 lb of Eel Grass

Oh dear it’s a new year😁

Endeavor to persevere


Please give me strength!

Somehow we all survived 2020 and into the year 2021. It wasn’t easy but we did it. Now here we are a new year and with that a new beginning! Trying to get my back stronger and it feels good to have lost a little bit of weight! I hope I can help as many people as possible this year!

Found the problem😁

Hurricane safe

I hope everyone made it safe through our latest hurricane! Now that we got that out of the way we’re heading into a dry season.
So if your sprinklers need attention just give me a call!

Call Craig at 813-361-0490.

Speaking of safe ….fortunately this family was safe after a lightning strike! It blew the timer off of the wall as well as exploded some irrigation pipes in the backyard. Fortunately there was no other damage and no one was hurt! That was a first for me!

End of summer

So officially summer is over, but here in Florida it will be hot right up till next year! Don’t wait till the last minute (when your lawn is already dying) to get your system serviced.